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The Fruits of Winter

The ripe, candy sweet berries and peaches of summer are far behind us: winter has arrived.

It isn’t uncommon for people to eat less fruits and vegetables in the winter months. They aren’t as abundant and affordably priced as in the summer. Most fruit varieties are available in the store year round (with big thanks to greenhouses and international commerce), but they just don’t taste the same as they would when in season

That shouldn’t stop you from stocking up on what is in season right now! There are plenty of winter produce options to choose from – here’s a short list:

Apples Avocados Clementines
Dates Grapefruit Cranberries
Lemons Limes Oranges
Pears Pomegranate Tangerines

Take advantage of citrus season with Sweet Warm Grapefruit, Spinach Orange Salad, or Honey Lemon Chicken.

Written by Adriene Worthington RD, LDN

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