National Slow Cooker Month

Getting dinner on the table can be tough after a busy day. But if you plan ahead, you can let your slow-cooker do all the work during the day so dinner is ready when you get home.

Preparing all the ingredients the night before allows you to add everything in one step in the morning. Plus, a slow-cooker can tenderize less expensive cuts of meat including beef brisket and pork shoulder.

Here are some tips for using your slow-cooker:

  • Avoid adding frozen foods which spend longer in the temperature danger zone (41-140℉) where bacteria can grow.
  • Cut larger portions of meat into smaller pieces if necessary. The slow-cooker should be between halfway and three-quarters full.
  • Keep the lid on and make sure it is snug.
  • Check the best setting for your recipe. Some types of food might be better suited for a low setting which can take 8-10 hours whereas other recipes can be cooked on a higher setting for 4-6 hours.
  • You can brown meat first or add it directly to the slow cooker. This stuffed bell pepper recipe cooks ground beef right inside the peppers!