Go Further With Food

Go Further With Food

It’s never too late to set up new health and nutrition goals! March is National Nutrition Month® , a great time of year to connect with our bodies and to think about nutrition habits and the importance of food to our health.

Nutrition goes beyond the word “diet” and it is not about restrictions or food rules. Nutrition is about consuming foods that nourish our bodies to achieve optimal health.

Go Further With Food is the theme for this year’s Nutrition Month. Going further with food means adding a variety of healthful foods from all the different food groups and planning for snacks and meals ahead of time to reduce food loss and waste. Follow these tips to learn ways to have food get you further:

  1. Try to eat breakfast every morning. Breakfast gives us the fuel to work, think, and function properly throughout the day. Aim for a breakfast that has protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. A great example of a well rounded breakfast is this Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta.
  2. Follow the rainbow when choosing fruits and vegetables. Eating a variety of colors will help you make sure you’re getting a variety of vitamins and minerals. Need an idea for a colorful dish? Check out the Outtasight Salad recipe.
  3. Do you play video games, watch TV, or use your phone while eating? If you do, you are not truly present in the moment and are likely enjoying your food less and overeating. That’s why it is important to embrace mindful eating! When we practice mindfulness we connect with our bodies and learn how to respond to hunger and satiety cues. Eating without distractions will help you savor the flavor of your meals.
  4. And finally… stay active! Move your body and be less sedentary. Ideas to be more active throughout the day include: walking to work or to the grocery store, going to the gym, going out for a run, cleaning your home, taking the stairs, and playing sports. Spending most of your day at a desk? Try walking around the building with a coworker to brainstorm ideas or include mini break sessions to stretch or to do light exercises like planks.

Paola Neme, Dietetic Intern Simmons College

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