Get HIP with Summer Produce!

There are many benefits to purchasing seasonal produce at a farmers’ market such as purchasing produce at a lower price when it is in season and supporting local farmers and agriculture. 

SNAP recipients in Massachusetts are automatically enrolled in a program that allows them to buy fresh produce AND get some of their money back if spent on qualified items at vendors. This program is called the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP). Qualified vendors include farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets, and community supported agriculture (CSA) farm share programs. 

The amount that is reimbursed for HIP depends on the amount of people included in the household:
1-2 people: $40 per month
3-5 people: $60 per month
6+ people: $80 per month 

Qualified foods include any fruits or vegetables sold by a HIP vendor, as long as they do not contain added salt, sugar, fat or oil. Items can be fresh, canned, dried, or frozen. Participants can also purchase fruits & veggies that are in seed or seedling form, allowing them to grow their own produce if they want to! Funds are added to the EBT card right away, so the amount that is reimbursed can be used right away, or saved for other SNAP eligible foods at any store that accepts SNAP. 

SNAP recipients can find HIP vendors using DTA Finder 

Reach out to our very own GBFB SNAP Team for more information at 617-598-5022 or via email at! 

Written by:
Laura Ortiz, MS, RD, LDN