Flexibility as we Age

Flexibility as We Age

May is Older Americans Month and the Administration for Community Living’s theme this year is Age Out Loud. Older Americans are working longer, trying new activities, engaging in their communities, and striving for wellness. They are advocating for themselves more than ever before and really redefining what it means to “age”!

Staying physically active is important because the gained strength and balance helps to maintain independence. People begin to move more as the weather gets warmer, but one type of physical activity often overlooked is stretching. Stretching is an important part of flexibility because, as we age, muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity. It is very important to keep muscles limber and maintain the range of motion in joints so that they can move normally with activities of daily life.

Don’t know where to begin? We found two videos that demonstrate stretching exercises older adults can easily incorporate into their daily activities. In fact, anyone can do these!

Upper Body Stretching Exercises

Lower Body and Back Stretching Exercises

No matter how you choose to be active, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. For water with a little kick, try making a Refreshing Pineapple Fizz for your post-exercise beverage.

Written by Sophie Hudicourt, Nutrition student at Simmons College