winter exercise

8 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Thanksgiving has just come and gone, winter holidays are on the horizon, and the weather is growing colder.

This combination can mean more time with family and loved ones, but it can also mean more time relaxing – watching TV on the couch, reading a book, or cooking. This winter, try to make a concerted effort to leave time for exercise, whether it’s inside or outside.

Outdoor Winter Exercise

Are you willing to brave the cold to get some activity? Here are a few outdoor ideas to get your body up and moving.

  • Go sledding: trekking up the hill in your snow gear is a great aerobic workout and sledding down is just plain fun.
  • Cross-country skiing: try this alternative to downhill. You can do this in a park (no hill required!) and youngsters can get a feel for skis without the worry of falling down a mountain!
  • Downhill skiing: a classic winter activity that many avid skiers do for hours at a time
  • Play in the snow: bundle up and get outside! Try building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or seeing who can build the best fort.

Indoor Winter Exercise

Does just thinking about going outside make your toes and nose hurt? Try these indoor activities to keep yourself active.

  • Throw on your walking shoes and head to the mall. Meet up with a friend and walk laps in a warm, dry space.
  • Try out an exercise video. Find a video on YouTube or purchase a DVD and work out inside. Most videos require very few pieces of equipment, so even beginners can join in.
  • Take the stairs. Use the stairs instead of the elevator as part of your normal routine. Kick it up a notch by walking up and down a quiet stairwell for a few minutes during your lunch break.
  • See if there are any drop-in sports leagues in your area. Not only will this get you moving, but the camaraderie of a team may help you stick to it!